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Political approach [populism]? Why scary [populism] of the topic in the world? Trying to firmly analysis of populism [International News] The theme of President Donald Trump's inaugural address was the return of power to "the people" the forgotten Americans, the victims of "American carnage." It harkened back to his campaign, when Trump presented himself as a populist who eschewed traditional conservative- liberal orthodoxies. Translated: Inaugural speech of Donald Trump, is forgotten, oppressed the American people, it was that regain the political to such victims remained in the [national]. If you listen well that claim, he're positioned itself as a populist to relegate the centrist maintenance it can be said that the traditional torrent of yourself next to (From the Atlantic). Now, we talk about populism (populism) that has become a hot topic in the world. Definition of populism is [to induce people with desire and along the desires statements and reports required by the public, political idea to eliminate the existing intellectuals and common sense.