Political approach [populism]?

Populist, demagogue | Hugh Rights Osaka

Political approach [populism]? Populist, demagogue Recently, speech tax Dora ad Al Hussein the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is now in the news. 0 date, is a speech in The Hague, Netherlands. To a situation in which populist and demagogue who in Europe and the United States has mounted one after another popular support in the political arena, was what was warned to take action is not sitting. Sympathy to the people of discontent, while pretending like to agree with the desire, to say Toka populist that of people who fueled the people trying to meet their own ambition (populist party) Toka demagogue (public incitement House) you. History does not shortage of examples of such people. It is not a phenomenon limited to the recent years. However, especially in recent years in Europe and the United States, This is the has become a dangerous challenge to democracy and human rights. Such motion of the background, a large number of refugees rather than from the Middle East and Africa up to now, and that immigrants are coming Preface press with the aim of Europe, there are Europe, the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks in the United States.