Political approach [populism]?

Borusonaro president, Brazil's hunger problem

Political approach [populism]? Borusonaro president, Brazil's hunger problem [large lie of populist] Extreme right-wing Jai Rubo Rusona Russia (Jair Bolsonaro) President of Brazil is the day, to the Foreign Correspondents' et al., Asserted that not hunger is present in the country, also overlooking the city, the evidence that it is not the people who are thin to skinny and he insisted that. Borusonaro said to foreign correspondents, et al., Claim that there are people that are not getting enough food in Brazil, truncated and [large lie] in the [populist (populist advocates)], is hunger in the Brazil because it has occurred, not only to the complaint of populist aimed at the popular up] and claims. [During, not by the Group to achieve satisfactory meal, hungry I have also to have people a] even while acknowledging the, [It is true that certainly there is a problem with the meal in Brazil, but it is not my fault. The problem I have stressed that] was present from before becoming president. According to the latest statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a population of about 0,000,000 billion of Brazil, about 00,000 people are in the malnourished state.